Wally is a Pokemon Trainer from the Hoenn region, and is Hayden's best friend and childhood rival.


Wally appeared prior to Hayden visiting his father during his journey. In that same episode, he wanted to catch his first Pokemon for his journey as a Pokemon Trainer due to him having ashtma. Hayden managed to help him catch a Ralts as his first Pokemon before moving to Verdenturf Town.

He later reappeared in the Hoenn League Tournament where he had earned ten badges and has obtained a Swellow, Crawdaunt, Roselia, Delcatty, and Flygon, while his Ralts is revealed to have evolved into a Kirlia dyring their battle. He tried his best but was defeated by Hayden, feeling happy about that and planning to train his Pokemon in Petalburg City so he could battle Norman.

He reappeared in Trainin' at the Battle Center! where he was revealed to have gotten over his illness and has evolved his male Kirlia into a Gallade, matching Hayden's Electivire in a battle. he was also revealed to have started his new journey through the Unova region to defeat the Pokemon League like Hayden.

In Protect Munna! , he had a battle with Cress while Cilan and Chili were with Hayden and friends at the Dreamyard. He easily uses his Oshawott to defeat Cress' Panpour, earning the Trio badge.

Wally appeared again in a flashback in PBW017 where he defeats Castelia City Gym Leader Burgh's Pokemon using his Liepard, Roggenrola, and his newly-evolved Dewott and earns the Insect Badge in a flashback.



Gallade(Jp:Erlade) was Wally's very first Pokemon he obtained in the Hoenn region. He has been with him since their days as a Ralts and had grown to become a powerful Pokemon knowing a combination of attack and defensive battle strengths to overcome enemy attacks. He is also a loyal companion, helping his trainer during training using its incredible stealthy movements.


Dewott(Jp:Futachimaru) was the first Pokemon that Wally has owned while in the Unova region. He is a friendly and competitive battler who has a very close rivalry with Hayden's Snivy.

Liepa Liepard(Jp:Lepardas) is the second Pokemon on Wally's team.
Baoppu Pansear(Jp:Baoppu) is the third Pokemon on Wally's team.


Wally has obtained these badges: