The Fishing Trainer at a Fishy Contest! is the thirty-second chapter in the Pokemon Battle Adventures Black and White storyline.

Major EventsEdit

  • Andrea is revealed to have fished out a female Frillish.
  • Zack's Tirtouga is confirmed to be male.
  • Wally is revealed to have obtained the Insect Badge.
  • Wally's Oshawott is revealed to have evolved into Dewott.


  • Hayden
  • Andrea
  • Zack
  • Wally


  • Electivire(Hayden's)
  • Zorua(Andrea's)
  • Dewott(Wally's;newly-evolved)
  • Frillish(Andrea's;new)
  • Tirtouga(Zack's)
  • Liepard(Wally's;flashback)
  • Pansear(Wally's;flashback)