The Echoing Palpitoad! is the third chapter of the Pokemon Battle Adventures Black and White saga.


With his new friend Andrea coming with him on his journey, they have a fight which involves battle strategy when Hayden spots a Palpitoad use Hydro Pump on them and stolen his headband like Tranquill did. He then challenges the Vibration Pokemon to a battle, but is at a loss when his Tranquill is already confused from its Uproar and Electivire's Thunderbolts were useless due to electric-type moves not harming ground-types. Then, Team magma try to steal Electivire and defeat the wild Palpitoad, which Hayden saves from trouble using the Snivy who was from professor Juniper's Lab in Nuvema Town. Later, realizing they Hayden shares the same passion for battling as he did, Palpitoad forgets about his fight with him and helps them defeat Team magma and free Electivire. As Hayden was about to leave, Palpitoad challenged Hayden to a battle, wanting to come with him. Accepting the battle, Hayden then uses his Snivy to defeat the Vibration Pokemon, weakening it. Despite taking Leaf Tornado a couple of times, Palpitoad was then captured by Hayden and joined the team.

Major EventsEdit

  • Hayden's Snivy was revealed to be the Starter Pokemon from Professor Juniper.
  • Hayden catches a Palpitoad.


  • Hayden
  • Andrea