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Hayden Jackson is a Pokemon Trainer from the Hoenn region and is the main protagonist of the Pokemon Battle Adventures storyline.


Hayden is described as a thick-headed person who is determined and confident to win as a Pokemon Trainer and is friendly towards his friends and Pokemon partners. He also helps out his friends by fighting against any bad situation and keeps himself from losing his confidence right away.

Pokemon TrainingEdit

Since he is the son of the Petalburg Gym Leader, Hayden is an experienced trainer full of strong confidence and adds it all in his battling style by using strongward attacks, battle tactics, and presistent skills which readies him in battle despite taking losing very well. he trusts in his Pokemon to win battles and will go into further training in order to help them overcome their weaknesses.


With the exception of Electivire, Hayden has obtained Pokemon depending on the way he catches them in a single order in a variety.

In RotationEdit

Pokemon Picture Information


Electivire is a Pokemon that is owned by Hayden and is his main partner. He is a powerful and sporty battler who has many powerful abilities and great speed that can outmatch any Pokemon. He is also very loyal and trustful to Hayden, matching his characteristics and partnership with its trainer during any battle. Since the Sinnoh League, Electivire has spent a major amount of time out of its PokeBall, walking with its trainer instead of being cramped like others.

Hakuto's Tranquill

Tranquill was first caught after Hayden first came to Unova. Despite having a stubborn and persistent nature, he is also a fast and powerful flier who can easily evade powerful attacks while searching for wild Pokemon. Tranquill has been in many Gym and epic battles, showing off his incredible battle strengths and helping out by searching for lost Pokemon in a forest or cave.

Servine Janovy

Servine was first caught as a Snivy during Hayden's journey through Unova. On Hayden's team, Servine stands alone while relaxing, but will also manage to hold its powerful speed while being in more battles and will win them easily. Servine is also complex and calm while trying to focus on any battle he's in.

Hayden's Tepig (2)

Tepig originally belonged to Ramirez when Hayden and friends were ambushed by it near Route 6. After a long-time of battling, Hayden traded his Scraggy for Ramirez's Tepig. According to Ramirez, this Tepig is stubborn and won't listen to any of his commands. Since it isn't used to battling, Tepig would not listen to Hayden's commands.

'Black Palpitoad'

Hayden found Palpitoad at a pond near Route 1 while it stole his headband, showing off him battle skills. After realizing that he was fighting against a strong trainer, it was eager to challenge him in order to become a vital member on Hayden's team. Palpitoad also has a great defense that helps him win battles.


Hayden's Beartic

Beartic was found injured while Hayden and co. were heading to Driftveil City. After being protected from a group of Beartic bullies by Hayden while showing his kindness, he went with him. Beartic is a cute, jolly and gluttonous Pokemon who likes to freeze its friends. In battle, it has an average pack of attacks while becoming a prime member on Hayden's team.
Hayden Escavalier

Escavalier was found as a Karrablast that was owned by Travis. Hayden caught a Shelmet and traded it to him so it could evolve. Escavalier started to disobey Hayden and attacked him and his friends. It later earned Hayden's trust after rescuing it from Team Magma and joined Hayden's team. Escavalier is a tough Pokemon who likes to use Iron Defense to protect itself while using other attacks to defeat foes as a competitive fighter.


Hayden met Golett while it crashed their picnic. It was revealed to have been the prisoner of Team Magma's plan to use Golett as a Ghost-type maneuver due to it knowing powerful attacks. Golett is a strange and confusing Pokemon who can also use its ability to evade attacks by using its Ghost attacks and well as Double Team and Shadow Punch.


Druddigon was originally a wild Pokemon that was temporarily trained by Iris and Drayden in the Dragon Village near Route 6. It saw Hayden and gained feelings for him. It then eagered to battle Hayden where it loses to his Servine and then defeats Palpitoad. Afterwards, Iris gives it to him. Druddigon is a brutal battler, eager to please Hayden without getting hurt like Drapion.

At the Petalburg GymEdit

Hayden's Swampert

Swampert was Hayden's very first Pokemon and is known as his "Champion Master" Pokemon. After evolving from Marshtomp, Swampert has become a very powerful Water/Ground-type while using his swiftful Water attacks and destroy with its Ground-type techniques that can trap the foe with ease.

Swampert was left to train at the Petalburg Gym when it retired from Pokemon battles.

Hayden had Metagross when it was just a Beldum during his travels through the Battle Frontier. As a defensive and heavy powerhouse, Metagross is known to be a strong and defiant battle who can us its strong attacks rather than using intellegence alone.

Metagross was left at the Petalburg Gym for training while Hayden left for Sinnoh.

Swellow was soon caught as a Taillow after Hayden arrived at Route 4. It caught him in its territory and battled him. After a long and hard battle, it was captured and joined Hayden's team. Taillow also evolved during the Petalburg Gym where it mastered Aerial Ace. Swellow is a fast learner while being confident in battle, staying keen as a strong fighter with the same battling spirit as Hayden.

Swellow was also left at the Petalburg Gym to train while Hayden left for Sinnoh.

Shiftry was the third Pokemon that Hayden caught before as a Seedot. It evolved into Nuzleaf in Dewford Town and then into Shiftry at the Battle Frontier. Shiftry is a speedy and defiant Pokemon who likes to use its sneaky attacks and unleash its hidden power on foes.

Shiftry was left at the Petalburg Gym to train while Hayden left for Sinnoh.

Hariyama is Hayden's fourth Pokemon and is the main fighter on the team. As a Makuhita, he saw Hayden's determination and wanted to test him in a battle. After a hard battle, he agreed to join Hayden's team. Since its aggresive nature, Makuhita has been the strength and defense on the team, able to deflect attacks with its arms. After evolution, Hariyama has changed into a more friendlier and headstrong battler, combining its fighter skills with its defense and speed.

Hariyama was left at the Petalburg Gym to train while Hayden left for Sinnoh.

Armaldo is Hayden's fifth Pokemon that was revivied from a fossil. As an Anorith, it had no idea what to do and attacked everyone by accident. Until Hayden helped it out, Anorith managed to calm down and got along with its new world and new trainer. After evolution, Armaldo became a skillful fighter, using its powerful claws to brutally defeat an enemy while dodging with its fast speed. Armaldo also likes to tackle its friends, mainly Hayden.

Armaldo was left at Petalburg Gym while Hayden challenged the Battle Frontier.

Dusknoir was Hayden's sixth Pokemon that he caught at Mt.Pyre. As a Duskull, it was alone and scared of the other Pokemon who bullied it. As soon as Hayden saved it from harm, Duskull was caught by chance, gaining a new friend. After evolution, Dusclops has became an important member on the team, able to dodge easily with its ghostly abilities.

Dusknoir remains at Petalburg Gym while Hayden is in Unova.

Quilava is Hayden's eighth Pokemon obtained through the Battle Frontier. As a Cyndaquill given to him by Professor Birch, Quilava has been a majorly strong battler even when learning Flamethrower with ease.

Quilava remains at the Petalburg Gym while Hayden is in Unova.

Gym BadgesEdit

Hayden has obtained these badges in the following:

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