Hayden's Lampent

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Hayden's Lampent is the fourth Pokemon caught by Hayden while in the Unova region.


Lampent first appeared in All Lampent, No Burn!. The gang first found her in the Valley of Candles where she was attacked by a Chandelure trio who were bullying her due to him not evolving and is defeated. After burning Snivy due to being frightened, she helped him get well as Hayden helped him defeat the Chandelure. Thanks to Hayden's strategy, they manage to defeat the other two and used a powerful Flamethrower to defeat the giant Chandelure. The Candle Pokemon gained respect from her enemies and then followed Hayden. Offered a spot on his team, Lampent agreed by using Flamethrower on him.

In A Marvelous Duel at the Bug-Lover's Gym!, she participated in Hayden's third Unova Gym battle where it fought against Burgh's Leavanny. Despite being his first Gym battle, she managed to use her potential and defeats the powerful Bug/Grass-type Pokemon.

In PBW036, when a trainer named Flint called Lampent a foolish and shy Pokemon, she reacted by using a Shadow Ball whcih was actually Hex.

In PBW047, she was used in Hayden's fourth Unova Gym battle against Elesa's Emolga. She managed to use its ability Flame Body to burn the EleSquirrel Pokemon and win with a powerful Hex.

In PBW050, she was revealed to be female due to Wally saying she loved Oran Berries. She was later used against the Subway Leader Ingo's Garbodor and managed to learn Overheat despite losing.

Known AttacksEdit

Flamethrower All Lampent, No Burn!
Shadow Ball All Lampent, No Burn!
Flame Burst A Marvelous Duel at the Bug-Lover's Gym!
Hex PBW036
Overheat PBW050