Dwayne's Krokorok was Dwayne's first and main Pokemon whom has been with him since childhood. He is the most strongest member on his team.


He first made his appearance as a Sandile in Battle Tactics!, where he fought against Osha and Tran, but was weakened by Osha's Water Gun due to its average speed and defense which also gave it trouble to counter Tran's Super Luck-boosted Aerial Ace and multiple Air Cutters.

He was revealed to have evolved into Krokorok prior to A Vital Rival Comeback! where he fought against Osha again. He managed to counter Water Gun and used his new speedy and powerful attacks to take him down easily but was unable to defeat Tran again who had the advantage with its powerful speed.

Known MovesEdit

Dig Battle Tactics!
Bite Battle Tactics!
Sandstorm Battle Tactics!
Foul Play A Vital Rival Comeback!
Bulldoze A Vital Rival Comeback!